Omega Lamp Lighters

 Sponsor: Simeon Nelson



“A small glowing light of Scholarship, Honor & Humility, Aspiration, Duty Obligation and Wisdom”



KEY DATES (2013 / 14)

  • Membership Drive   1 July -  31 August of each year
  • Enrollment/Probationary Period  1 August -  31 Dec. of each year
  • Dues Deadline ($50)  1 September -  31 Dec. of each year
  • Meetings: August  - June - Every 2nd & 4thdSaturday of each month (1:00 PM – 3:00 PM)
  • Membership Period  1  August         -  30 June of each year
  • Induction Ceremony - TBA (September 7th, 2013 Tentative)
  • End Of Year Scholarship Banquet Ball (17 May 2014)
  • Off period  1 July 2013 -  1 August 2013



  • To work with young men toward personal development.
  • To assist young men in setting and achieving high academic, moral and ethical goals to become a better citizen.
  • To teach organizational and time management skills.
  • To encourage and foster Christian principles.
  • To help and encourage young men to adopt the principles of Manhood, develop leadership skills, and to serve as role  models.
  • To assist parents and teachers in the development of a total work ethic.
  • To develop the desire to Persevere in adverse situations.
  • To develop well-rounded young men with values, perception and skills to thrive and succeed in today’s society and yet maintain strong ties to their families and communities.

Membership Requirements

  • Membership shall consist of young men ages 12 through 18. Young men that are younger are only permitted if he is a Son of a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and that member agrees to be present at the meetings and activities to work with the Omega Lamp Lighters Club.

  • Members shall have or pursue good moral standards and pursue academic excellence and have a desire to be a team player.

  • All members of the Omega Lamp Lighters Club shall be approved for a probationary period by the advisory committee.

  • Members of the Chi Omega Social Action & Scholarship Foundation, Inc. and  Chi Omega Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. are eligible to submit names of prospective Omega Lamp Lighter members.

  • Members shall perform fifteen (15) hours of community service.

  • Members who fail to attend three (3) regular meetings without an acceptable excuse shall automatically be dropped from the membership.


The Omega Lamp Lighter Club's purpose is to establish relationships with young men in Tallahassee & the surrounding area to offer support, mentorship, guidance and assist them with leadership skills and the transformation from adolescent to manhood.  

Program Attributes

The most distinctive attribute of the Omega Lamp Lighters Club mentoring program is its Workshop Areas.  The workshops discussions focus on  numerous of concerns in a young man’s life to include: 

Grooming: Focusing on body and hair care; dental care;  appropriate dress issues to include sagging; shoe shine and tennis shoe cleaning along with physical fitness. 
Sexuality: Focusing on intercourse; abstinence; media; venereal diseases and peer pressure.
Drugs: Focusing on legal drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes; illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. 

Finance: Focusing on banking and how to properly use them; and the important of saving and/or investing .

Other workshop areas include education and discussion in the areas of Leadership, Academics, Maturity, Perseverance and related Christian values.