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We are here to help students be aware that physical fitness is a critical part of their daily lives.


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Keith Anderson
Walter Culley
Windy Jones (Department Head)
Scott Klees 
Michael Sweatt
Sally Wheeler


  • Personal Fitness Credit (1501300) Credit: .5 Grade: 10-12
    Content: This course provides students with opportunities to develop an individual optimal level of physical fitness, acquire knowledge of physical fitness concepts and the significance of lifestyle on one's health and fitness.
  • HOPE: Health Opportunites through Physical Education (3026010) Credit: 1.0 Grade 9-12
    Content: This course offers opportunities to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence choices and student health and fitness. Credit in this course precludes earning a credit in Life Management Skills and Personal Fitness.
  • Beginning Weight Training (1501340) Credit: .5 Grade: 9-12
  • Intermediate Weight Training (1501350) Credit: .5 Grade: 9-12
  • Advanced Weight Training (1501360) Credit: .5 Grade: 9-12
  • Beginning Aerobics (1503400) Credit: .5 Grade: 9-12
  • Intermediate Aerobics (1501350) Credit: 0.5 Grade: 10-12
  • Advanced Aerobics (1503410) Credit: .5 Grade: 9-12
  • Team Sports I (1503350) Credit: .5 Grade: 9-12
  • Team Sports II (1503360) Credit: .5 Grade: 9-12