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High school students are required to read extensively and comprehend rigorous text in specific subject areas such as government, science, and literature. Higher level thinking skills that require comprehension of challenging concepts and processes are required in specific subject areas such as geometry, history, and physical science. For many students within grades 9-12, success in subject area courses is contingent upon intensive reading intervention of content area vocabulary and concepts.

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Nonda Meng - Intensive Reading 


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  • Summer Reading Assessments
    Click here to take your Accelerated Reader test.  The deadline for Summer Reading credit is September 5, 2014.


Section 1011.62, Florida Statutes, requires high school students who score at Level 1 on FCAT Reading to complete an intensive reading course. Those students who score at Level 2 must be placed in an intensive reading course or a content area reading intervention course.

Intensive Reading [Q, R, S, T, 2] (1000410) Credit: 1.0 Grades: 9-12

This 45-minute course provides instruction that enables students to develop and strengthen their reading skills. Students will build comprehensive reading knowledge, develop independent reading endurance, and increase comprehension through intensive instruction and practice. Students may repeat this course for multiple elective credits.

Read 180 [A-B, C-D, E-F, G-H, I-J, K-L] (1000410) Credit: 2.0 Grades: 9-12

This 90-minute course is a research-based, intensive reading intervention program that provides targeted skills instruction in reading, writing and grammar. It integrates technology and directly addresses individual needs through instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading skills.