About the Clinic

The Wakulla High School clinic is a division of the Wakulla County Health Department. We provide services only to those students who have written permission from their parent/guardian. There is NO CHARGE for our services except for school physicals. Sports physicals are not done at this time at the high school. The high school clinic is a full service clinic and requires a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian to obtain our services; whether it is for a band aide, ace wrap for a sprained ankle or a family planning physical. There is no birth control distributed at the high school clinic; however we have a nurse practitioner available who can prescribe medication, such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Sudafed, Midol or even antibiotics.

Our daily staff includes a registered nurse and a licensed clinical social worker who is available for counseling. We also have a nurse practitioner who is at the clinic one day a week.

The clinic is open from 8am to 2pm, Monday -Friday during the school year.

For any questions please contact the WHS clinic at 926-7125 (fax number 926-3208) or the Wakulla County Health Department 926-3591 ext. 105

Nurse: Lori Lawhon

Administrative Director (WCHD): Pedrick Juarez